The Blevins

John “The Blevins” Blevins is a podcaster, broadcaster and amateur voice actor.  He’s normally specialized in strategy games like Hearthstone or Magic the Gathering, but has decided to shift gears into full time Overwatch.  Join him as he delves head first into the wonderful new world of gaming and eSports that Overwatch will bring!  You can follow him on twitch and twitter.


Jim “DeathBlow” Reid is an IT guy who graduated from the Rochester Institute of Technology.  He has been a casual podcaster for a few years, most recently with The Blevins on both Unleash the Podcast and High Noon Podcast.  He is currently playing for a few different Overwatch teams, trying to find one that will stay dedicated and together for an extended period of time.  You can find him on both twitch and twitter.