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Welcome everyone for High Noon Productions’ second edition of the community power rankings for the Overwatch League.  Here is a link to the first write up that we did right after the preseason had concluded.  Give that a read if for other reason than to take trip back down memory lane where we actually knew so little of what the Overwatch League had in store for us. Below I’ve listed the community rankings from the preseason for easy comparison.


PreSeason Community rankings


  1. Spitfire
  2. Fuel


  1. Outlaws


  1. Valiant


9 Fusion

10 Shock

11 Gladiators

12 Uprising


Here is the chart of the community rankings.  Only myself and Deathblow’s rankings are specifically visible, but I’d like to thank KickedTripod, EvanOgden, Mash, ASmith, Thyst, TheMonkeyPrince, PestoEnthusiast, notrob, taco, Kyle Wynn, Melarina, Gillfrost, Moirai, slambo, totemlydrunk, IplaiGames, TrevorMay, Doa, DJTyrant, Croak, Chelsey Tahan, and Thornrayne for contributing to the community rankings for this stage.


For this piece I’m going to focus on the changes from the original community piece we did.  For the week to week updates, check out where myself and Deathblow will be posting them.


One last note about power rankings:  Deathblow put it best by defining the power rankings as a snapshot look at who you would least like to face in the league.  Power Rankings are NOT a prediction of who we think will be the season 1 champion, who our favorite team is, or even where we necessarily think the team will end up.


1.New York Excelsior +3

Not a big surprise that NY has moved to the top from the preseason, but more a surprise that other teams have fallen.  Many had NYXL in their top 4 at worst, and most of those same people said that the top 4 was almost interchangeable… at least some of that was true.  It’s worth noting that we didn’t get to see Jjonak in the preseason as he was too young to play, which likely plays a lot into why we didn’t see NY higher. I believe going into stage 2, NY has the greatest chance to remain at the top, but at worst I think they’re still a top 4 team.  Not a single person of the 25 polled put them lower than 3 (and the 3 ranking contains MANY other outliers), and I don’t see that changing much at all.  It is worth noting that NYXL is likely going to have to change up their Jjonak centric strategy a bit, but the players on the roster are definitely capable of putting together a winning strategy even with a new meta.


2.London Spitfire +0

Spitfire is one of the only two teams that remain exactly where the community placed them in the preseason (congrats on the 17% accuracy!).Spitfire is another team that was billed at as a top 4 team going into stage 1, but Spitfire had some big unanswered questions from the preseason.  Losing to LA Gladiators caused a lot of people to lose confidence in the the Spitfire before the stage.  While I think a lot of the roster related questions from the preseason have been answered, there is still more to be discovered about the Spitfire Roster.  We’ve seen them be the most adaptable team in regards to specific team matchups, beating both Houston and NY on the second games against them, but we’ve also seen them struggle initially.  With the new meta bound to happen, I think we’ll see London come out slower than expected, but pick up and dominate through the rest of the season.


  1. Houston Outlaws +2

Though Houston didn’t gain as many spots as NY since the preseason, I think Houston is almost more of a surprise that they’re this high up.  Jumping up into the top 4 from the outside of it seems to be more impactful than moving higher up in it.  Most people thought of Houston Outlaws as a playoff caliber team at the start, but they have gone above and beyond expectations.  Outlaws are now in a place where they’re expected to be a top contender, and they are going to be expected to dominate against lower tier teams.  You don’t get to have the 4-0verwatch meme attached to your team without being dominant.  Houston is a team that stands to shake up how they play their roster more than others, which could have an affect on them.  I do firmly believe that as long as they’re able to use Linkzr on a hero that he can do well with, the rest of their team is good enough to fill in any gaps.


4.Seoul Dynasty -3

Somehow Seoul has found a way to make 4th place feel awful.  Of course, Dynasty were the perennial favorites going into stage 1, and for most of the stage, they were just that.  It wasn’t until recently that we’ve started to see some of the weaknesses.  There are some internal questions that need to be answered for the Seoul, but I don’t think many doubt that if they’re able to figure out what’s going on with their lineup that Dynasty will continue to be a top tier team.  It’s worth noting that if they don’t figure out that Fleta and Jehong should never come out, that they are potentially a middle of the pack team.


  1. Boston Uprising + 7

The biggest overall mover, and the biggest surprise for many.  The closest ranking from the preseason was 8, and I’d argue that the call at the time was wrong.  Based on their preseason performance, they definitely looked like a bottom rung team.  Even at the beginning of the season they still looked shaky, but they definitely picked it up in a big way over the coming weeks. Huk really seems to have fooled us all here.  The biggest question here is whether or not they’re going to be able to adapt to a new meta.  Boston was VERY strong at running their dive, and even were flexible within that dive, but they have not lead us to believe that they are able to flex off it to any sort of success.  I could see them keeping up their momentum and remaining a playoff team just as easily as I could see them falling back a few pegs.  I think we can safely assume that unless something absolutely crazy happens, we won’t see Boston at dead last again.


6.Los Angeles Valiant +1

Valiant end up being 1 spot higher than they were predicted to be at the preseason, but honestly they’ve been on somewhat of a roller coaster between the two write ups.  Valiant got an artificial boost when they beat Dallas early because everyone thought Dallas was a top 4 team at the time.  Therefore, Valiant beats a top 4 team means they’re a top 4 team. Right????…… Transitive property doesn’t apply here ladies and gentlemen!  That’s also coupled with the fact that Dallas, at least in the early weeks of the stage, turned out to be a flop.  Valiant has been a solid team, and their losses have really only been to teams above them.  What’s working against them in terms of perception is the fact that they’re not dominant when they win.  Valiant is right on the edge of the playoffs, and a little nudge in either direction could push them closer to the top or the bottom.


7.Dallas Fuel -4

While not the biggest fall in terms of ranks, I think most would agree that Dallas has had the furthest fall from grace.  The tournament pedigree of the once dominant Envyus has not seemed to transition over to the Overwatch League.  The internal struggles of teamwork, shotcalling, and the whole XQC not being there at all has all compounded into an unremarkable 3-7 stage.  They aren’t the worst team in the league, but I think many would be elss surprised to see them in 12th than in 1st. The first write up we saw them placed anywhere between 1 and 4, and now we’re seeing them all over the board.  Dallas will be getting their tank back, as well as a new DPS in AKM and allegedly Rascal from the Spitfire, all of which will likely improve the team.  Dallas definitely does have the capacity to be a top tier team in the league, but they have a lot of work to prove that after the first stage.


  1. Philadelphia Fusion +1

Philly was one of the toughest teams to evaluate for stage 1.  They were a Junkenstein’s Monster team that pulled players from all over the world, and we didn’t get to see them play at all in the preseason.  Philly has molded themselves into a sort of Dr. Jekyll / Mr. Hyde type of team meaning depending on which version of their team shows up, they can win or lose against any team in the league.  Philly does stand to benefit from the meta shift as they have a god tier Reinhardt in Fragi, and I can’t imagine a meta where Shadowburn and Carpe aren’t amazing.  For their sake, I hope they can start to put away the weaknesses against some of the lower end teams so they’ll have a puncher’s chance at a playoff spot.


9.LA Gladiators +2

Perhaps a bit underrated from the preseason considering they beat the Spitfire in the preseason.  They were another Junkenstein’s Monster team that the community as a whole didn’t really know how to evaluate.  They have moved up slightly from the initial rating, but honestly not by much.  This stage will be telling as to whether or not they can make a push for anything substantial.  Right now they seem to be a relatively consistent team, just not consistently good.  There are talks of picking up Fissure from the Spitfire would could potentially spice up the roster, but they’re going to need more than that to make the playoffs.


10 San Francisco Shock +0

Another team that community got right.  Junkenstein’s roster with the added caveat that the meat and potatoes of their roster still doesn’t unlock until later this stage.  It’s tough to place them anywhere higher or lower until we see how Super and Sinatraa play out.  The real question here is IDDQD.  Not only was he one of the better players on paper for the roster, he was also billed as one of the team leaders.  Instead, he’s seen literally 0 stage time and the fans are just left wondering.  I don’t expect anything more out of SF until their roster is unlocked and the dust settles after they figure out who’s playing and not.


11 Florida Mayhem -3

Another team with a large fall from grace, albeit a shorter one than Dallas. We’ve learned that past success is not necessarily an indication of future results.  I’m also eating a nice helping of crow here as I stuck my neck out for them far too many times only to be disappointed. All of the small factors compounded on one another to lead to a dismal 1st stage.  The acquisitions for the team will definitely help, and the team is looking for an “analyst” as well, so they’re definitely looking to actually put more effort in the team.  It may just be too little too late for this season, but if they can put together a nice squad, they have the skill and tournament pedigree to make a stage playoff run.  I’ll be waiting to see it happen before I make any bold Mayhem predictions.


12 Shanghai Dragons -6

Technically the biggest flop in terms of rank, but I attribute that to the community having no idea where to put them and just hedging their bets. Shanghai has owned this spot since basically week 1.  They were abysmal for many weeks, and have only recently shown any signs of getting better.  The bright side is that they’re picking up a lot of new and talented players to supplement Undead who has actually became a top DPS in the league.  I don’t think we’ll see another winless stage from Shanghai, but I also don’t expect them to be in any sort of playoff talk for quite some time.  Depending on how the Visas work out, we might not even see their additional players until after this stage or perhaps very late into it.


Let me know what you think of these rankings. I’ll be putting them out every other week on and every week on Medium with the community rankings coming out after every stage!

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