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Welcome to another edition of the OWL power rankings.  A few notes before I dive into them.  I’m going to be using my (Blevins) rankings for the basis of movements.  Deathblow will be doing the same for his rankings, and I will be that we will have many differences.  The second disclaimer is that my last power rankings post didn’t end up getting posted, so I’m treating this as my first post in the series.  That means that none of the teams have moved positions in my rankings for the purposes of this post, but moving forward I will include the number of spots that they have moved.  


One last note about what power rankings actually are:  Deathblow put it best by defining the power rankings as a snapshot look at who you would least like to face in the league.  Power Rankings are NOT a prediction of who we think will be the season 1 champion, who our favorite team is, or even where we necessarily think the team will end up.


  1.  Shanghai Dragons ( 0-6)

Shanghai finally started to show some signs of life this week, but not nearly enough to consider moving them up.  I can’t imagine that they’ll move out of this spot until they pick up at least 1 win.  They are trending in the right direction, but they need some to really take advantage of the signing period, and more importantly, some numbers in the win column.


11 Florida Mayhem (1-5)

Florida has the matchup advantage against Shanghai, but that’s quickly losing relevance.  Florida is not really looking better, so their fate rests in the signing period.  I could very easily see Florida drop back below Shanghai if things keep on the same trajectory for both teams.


10 San Francisco Shock (2-4)

Shock have looked generally lackluster.  They have shown some signs of greatness, but most of them are on the back of BabyBay.  It seems that other teams in the league have caught wind of this and have been able to shut down the Shock accordingly.  Their true form lies both in how they perform when Super and Sinatraa come online, but also if we can get a consistent performance out of Sleepy.  He has shown some stellar play, but has been streaky.  Unfortunately that style of performance is not conducive to doing well in OWL


  1. Los Angeles Gladiators (2-4)

GLA seems to be a little bit more consistent than the Shock, but they rarely stand out.  I would bet on the Gladiators to beat the mid to low tier teams, but I never expect them to beat a team at the top.  They have a great support line, and their tanks & DPs are fine, but they just don’t compare to some of the other rosters.  They’re also a little bit hamstrung with only 7 players on the roster.


8.Dallas Fuel (1-5)

History and expectation are all that’s keeping the Fuel as high as they are right now.  Easily the the biggest fall from grace in the Overwatch League thus far.  Fuel players obviously have the pedigree to win, but internal issues have seemed to be at the heart of their lack of success.  They have allegedly picked up a top prospect in AKM, but his hero pool still leaves a lot of questions unanswered for Dallas as they go into stage 2. Ironically for the most winning squad in Overwatch history, it seems that a full reset is what is really needed to make a push for the playoffs.


  1. Boston Uprising

In quite possibly the opposite fashion of Dallas, Boston Uprising have overcome all expectations.  Not only that, but they have looked actively great in a lot of matches.  With that being said, they are a very linear team at the moment.   They play dive… and dive.  Granted, they play a slightly different brand of dive, which is enabled by some absolutely insane plays from Striker and Dreamkazper, but as Seoul demonstrated in week 2, it can be hard countered. Keep an eye out for how much Boston plays Note vs Kalios as they both play a very different brand of DVA.  If they can adapt to more than just dive, they have the capacity to be a top tier team


  1. Philadelphia Fusion (4-2)

Philly is the biggest swing team.  They can both win and lose to any team in the league. Unlike the other “inconsistent teams” in the league, Fusion seem to have a higher ceiling than those other teams. Shadowburn and Carpe are an elite DPS duo in the league. They are not only consistently good, but also have the capacity to clutch out in situations where it seems that they’re down.  The tank line of Poko and Fragi is also among the strongest and most aggressive in the league, which is another factor feeding the feast or famine nature of the Fusion.


  1. Los Angeles Valiant (4-2)

Valiant are certainly not a team that I would want to play against.  Not only do they have great talent across the board, but they have a deep bench and a great support staff outside of the game.  Valiant have not lost to a western team yet, and while there have been some close calls, they seem to be improving week over week.  Valiant seem to be the most consistent team overall, and in a season as long as OWL, that is going to end up in their favor even if they don’t start to topple the few teams ahead of them.


  1. London Spitfire (5-1)

Spitfire are a great team, and don’t get me wrong I don’t want to play against them.  However, when you start to compare them to the teams ahead of them, Spitfire suddenly seem beatable.  Having 12 players on the roster has its benefits for sure, but adding additional players to a roster has diminishing returns.  We’ve seen the prevailing philosophy of teams be to have a core 6 players and sub out certain positions for specialists.  Having two full rosters is not the best way to take advantage of that.  With all of that being said, Spitfire are still in a great place, and haven’t had the chance to really show how great they can be with a relatively easy schedule.  The matches against Dynasty and NYXL will be telling for sure.


  1. Seoul Dynasty (5-1)

I know I’m going to catch flack for this, but remember the power rankings are “who I don’t want to play this week”. Seoul bled last week.  Granted, it was against the best team in the league, but Seoul also just looked worse than before.  NYXL shut down Fleta, and it showed that Seoul really does rely very heavily on him.  Believe me, I don’t imagine Seoul will be at 3 for very long, but I’ll get more into that here…


  1. Houston Outlaws (4-2)

Houston is here for the same reason that I love sports.  ANYONE can beat anyone at any given time.  Win streaks don’t matter on paper, but they absolutely have an effect on how a team plays.  If I’m a team in this league, I DO NOT want to be up against the team that has embraced the 4-0verwatch meme.  Coming into this week they’re 16-0 on maps coming off of a rough start.  The momentum is behind Houston, and until they see that first loss after the streak, I want to steer clear of them.


  1. New York Excelsior (5-1)

Yes they lost to the Fusion, but I think it speaks more to Fusion’s performance than anything else.  NYXL took down the the former kings in Seoul, and the world is their oyster.  Not only did they beat Seoul, they beat Seoul while they were playing poorly!  NYXL played sloppily on more than one occasion, and had they not, the match could very easily been a 3-1 or 4-0.  To quote Hexagrams “We haven’t even seen their final form yet.”


Let me know what you think of these rankings.  I’ll be putting them out every other week on Highnoonpodcast.com and every week on Medium!


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