Week 3 Power Rankings: DeathBlow Edition

Week 2 is in the rear view mirror and that means it’s time for another round of Power Rankings! Since this is my first time updating my list for you, since the regular season started, just know that the “difference” number is the change since MY last rankings.  You can see the write-up that TheBlevins did last week here and he will be back to update his list again next week.  Something else to note here…  These aren’t standings.  If you want standings, they are available on OverwatchLeague.com, you should check them out.  This is my personal order for how dangerous I think the teams are right now.  Lets get started.


12) Shanghai Dragons (+0)

Shanghai is a mess right now.  They desperately need a roster shake up as they’ve already been beaten handily by the #11 team on the rankings.  It’s going to be a tough stage 1 for these guys and I feel for them.  Teams can and should consider this an easy win and Shanghai on the schedule very well may mean opponents will use their backups for a little while.  Hang in there, Shanghai fans.  At some point the best Chinese talent will turn 18.

11) Florida Mayhem (-2)

Oh, Florida.  I thought I had a handle on how you would do in stage 1, but you disappointed even my meagre expectations.  Thankfully, they seem to have gotten the memo that they get better performances from Logix on Soldier and McCree.  Hopefully they can find a way to turn it around and start to compete.  If they can get to 3 wins in stage 1, they’ll still have a puncher’s chance at the 6 seed.  At the very least, I can’t wait to find out how they improve the team during the acquisition time frame.  There’s a lot of room to improve, so I expect them to be very active.

10) Boston Uprising (+1)

Potential was the word that the optimists were using about Boston just a few weeks ago.  I wasn’t one of them, but now we all have to use the term, because they’ve clearly got it.  Dreamkazper can go toe-to-toe with the top DPS in the game and Striker has shown some serious carry potential too.  Boston claimed to have valued coachability above all else and if Huk was able to correctly identify it, they could make some significant strides as the season progresses.  For now, The Uprising just seem to lack the ability to play anything but dive comp at a high level and that lack of depth has been exposed so far.  If they can develop some secondary strategies, expect this team to live up to their name and move up this list.

9) San Francisco Shock (-1)

The Shock were the surprise of the preseason for me and it looks like they got my hopes up a little too much.  The matchup vs Boston was incredible due to the two teams being very evenly matched.  This matchup will be a lot of fun to watch each time it comes up this season.  San Francisco has a 2-2 record after a favorable schedule to open the stage, but it gets tougher.  Thankfully they are on pace to still be in the playoff chase once Sinatraa and Super get here.  Also, where is Iddqd?

8) Philadelphia Fusion (+2)

Despite debuting in a big victory against the Houston Outlaws, Philadelphia has proven to be a very inconsistent team. They didn’t show up vs London in week 1, squeaked by San Francisco last week and lost to the Gladiators.  And considering the substitution strategy of Houston in their match, I think we have to treat that as an outlier.  It’s important to remember how late these guys got together in California.  What they have done so far is nothing short of impressive.  Given time, they will be solid contenders for one of the 6 playoff spots.  I anticipate they continue to climb this list over the course of the season.

7) Dallas Fuel (-5)

Where do we begin?  A tough loss to Seoul on opening night was fine. No one was concerned after that match. The problem is, that’s the bright spot of the season so far.  Questionable substitutions against Houston are unfortunate, but not likely to repeat themselves.  My big concern is the level of focus this team has right now.  xQc leaving for the rest of stage 1 may turn out to be a blessing in disguise.  They just need to settle down and get back to basics.  The talent didn’t go anywhere, just get the communication and confidence back.  This is a “get-right” week for the Dallas Fuel.

6) Los Angeles Gladiators (+1)

I really like this Gladiators team and I think they have a serious chance at upsetting their cross town rivals in the Battle for LA on Wednesday night.  They have a small roster, but they make the best of it and don’t seem to have a lot of drop-off in play when they make a change.  I really want to see them run more 3DPS compositions like they did in the preseason.  Running Asher, Surefour and Hydration on the stage at the same time has a lot of potential.  They’ve proven they aren’t ready to stand up to one of the Korean power houses, but they can surprise any other team in this league at any time.

5) Houston Outlaws (-1)

It’s unfortunate that Houston’s only showing against a Korean roster so far was marred by questionable substitutions.  The lost 3-1 vs New York, but they were 1-1 when they started swapping players out.  I’d like to have seen how that turned out had the starters stayed in.  They’ve been nothing short of dominant since Coolmatt, Linkzr and Jake’s playtime has remained constant.  The problem being, Shanghai doesn’t count for a lot here and Dallas had Taimou on the bench.  The stats favor houston in a big way (check out this analysis by Taco from Overwatch Score), but for now the Valiant fared better against London than Houston did against New York.  I’ve already got my eye on this team’s date with the Dynasty in Week 4.

4) Los Angeles Valiant (+2)

Los Angeles appears to be hitting their stride early in the season.  All they need to do is make improvements and continue to play at this level, and they will stay on the top half of the standings.  If you missed the match versus London from Saturday, go back and watch it.  L.A. has impressed me with their ability to use Agilities and Silkthread interchangeably, who have similar hero pools.  Somehow they are able to get the most out of both players’ unique play styles, no matter who is out there. The sheer depth of their roster should help ensure stability across different metas. There just aren’t many negatives surrounding this team right now.  I think we can safely call the poor performance of Immortals in Contenders Season 1 a thing of the past.

3) London Spitfire (-1)

I had a lot of trouble with this one, honestly.  I think London is a terrifying opponent.  The depth of their DPS talent is probably the best in the league and I don’t say that lightly.  Birdring has been dominant at times and they have shown a willingness to bring Rascal in, who is always an x-factor.  So why are they behind New York?  Well there’s only one measurable to use and that is the common opponent of the Los Angeles Valiant. Needing 5 maps is considerably worse than the 3-0 win that NYXL posted in the same week.  The schedule is light this week but Weeks 4 and 5 will tell us exactly who this team is.

2) New York Excelsior (+3)

The Pine question has been a lot of fun to talk about.  Mostly because it hasn’t mattered.  New York hasn’t been tested too much this season.  The only time they have been behind on the scoreboard was when they dropped Junkertown to Houston.  They went on to win that match 3-1 and that Junkertown map remains the only map loss of the season.  I won’t even try to analyze the Pine question here, because we will know everything there is to know about their strategy with substitutions when they face Seoul on Friday.  Don’t miss that match, it will be for first place in the standings and both teams will certainly be using their optimal lineups and strategies.  Maybe for the first time all year.

1) Seoul Dynasty (+0)

What more can we say about Seoul?  They remain undefeated, Fleta is a beast, their bench is deep and they’ve already started working the backups into their easier matchups.  They are, by all appearances, the gold standard for the first season of Overwatch League.  Their toughest test comes vs NYXL this week and it’s going to take a bit for them to suffer a loss, if it doesn’t happen now.  The question becomes, how long will it take the rest of the field to catch up? For what it’s worth, by season’s end, I believe the playing field will be significantly balanced out.  But for now, enjoy the dominating performance, Soul fans.

That wraps up week two and we can get settled in for another great weekend of Overwatch League action.  Make sure you have your popcorn ready for NYXL vs Seoul, as it has the potential to be the best match to date.  Don’t forget to check out all the new content we have started releasing to cover the league!


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