There’s a new sheriff….err Content creator in town?

Welcome to my introduction here as the new content  creator for The High Noon Podcast. Let me introduce myself, name is Brock but you can call me Thornrayne.


Blevins always asks guests how they got their start in gaming so let’s start there. I started playing games way back when the Nintendo was revolutionary: Mario: Contra and Double Dragons hooked me. I have owned a Sega Genesis: Super Nintendo and every iteration of PlayStation that has been released.


My first foray into pc gaming and online multiplayer was in my high school A+ Computer Repair class. Me and a friend installed the Doom 2 multiplayer demo on the school network, then passed out the password to the protected folder to friends. Weeks went by and multiple people were running games during classes on any given day. Then the district IT guy got word of the network running slow and figured out something was wrong.


I got word from a friend that the IT guy was in the building tracing where the server was being hosted, and he was heading to our classroom. In a matter of minutes the pc that was hosting the server was shut down and taken apart, with the network card buried in a bin of other network cards. He comes into the room with fury and anger looking for the server, but there was nothing to find. It was in pieces, in fifteen different parts of the classroom. We were in the clear. Then 2 periods later i get called to the office, someone snitched. The IT guy was calling for my expulsion, but I got off with a week suspension and the district IT departments hate for the rest of my high school career.


Now that we have that out of the way, I have been playing Blizzard games since 2005. Well one Blizzard game World of Warcraft (WoW), then dabbled in Diablo, and got hooked on Overwatch. I still play WoW, but not like i used to. I raided three to four nights a week, now I have no guild because I moved my raiding time to working on starting a podcast. That podcast I started is an Overwatch podcast that covers the Open Division, and it’s all because I started listening to High Noon.


D3ATHBL0W and Blevins have been helpful answering questions I had on starting my show and even called me out about getting it started when I was procrastinating. Now I am going to write for the show’s website, and with the Overwatch League on the horizon, there is going to be a lot to write about.


I look forward to covering everything Overwatch and maybe even getting the chance the beat ESPN to the punch on breaking news, wait I already did that. Keep an eye on the site for updates on the podcast and articles from yours truly. Thanks for reading my origin story, and remember, “it’s high noo”…. I should work on my own catch phrase.

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